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Welcome to our project showcase, where innovation meets inspiration. Step into the future with us as we showcase our cutting-edge projects that harness the power of technology to solve real-world challenges.
Dive into a world of creativity as we unveil our most captivating projects that push the boundaries of design, technology, and imagination. Each project is a testament to our passion for innovation and our commitment to delivering outstanding results. Join us on this journey through our portfolio and get ready to be inspired

Souk Al Qaryat

VIP Entrance DV LED

The VIP entrance area of Souk Al Qaryat now features a captivating P2.5 LED screen, spanning 12 square meters. This high-resolution display immerses visitors in a world of vibrant visuals, enhancing their experience as they enter the souk.

Luna Jet

Live Flight Monitoring Dashboard Centre

Luna Jet’s Live Flight Monitoring Dashboard Center is now equipped with a cutting-edge 3 x 2 format displa. This setup ensures that crucial flight information is presented with clarity and precision, enabling seamless monitoring and enhancing operational efficiency.

White & Case

P1.2 NEC Display - Training Centre

Display World has successfully installed two units of NEC’s impressive P1.2 displays, spanning a total of 17 square meters, at White & Case’s Training Centre. This state-of-the-art visual solution provides a dynamic and immersive learning environment, ensuring that training sessions are engaging and impactful for all participants.

Oman Airports

Flight Information Display

This strategic partnership between Display World and Oman Airports marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing the way flight information is presented. With the NEC P435 displays, passengers can expect an elevated level of engagement and information accessibility, contributing to a more enjoyable and efficient travel experience.

Mowasalat / Qatar

P1.2 DV LED Control Room

Display World Qatar’s division successfully installed a P1.2 DV LED display with a size of 40 sqm at the Qatar Mowasalat control room. This high-quality installation included both the supply of the structure and the entire setup process, showcasing Display World’s expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch visual solutions.


Abudhabhi Business Head Quarters

Display World successfully supplied and installed a remarkable 9 x 3 Sharp NEC video wall at the prestigious Etisalat Abu Dhabi Business Headquarters. This impressive installation showcases Display World’s expertise in creating immersive visual experiences for corporate environments. The cutting-edge technology of the Sharp NEC video wall, combined with Display World’s professional installation, enhances the ambiance and functionality of the headquarters, making it a true visual masterpiece

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